Be love.

You can’t win at anything without anyone to share it with. you can’t talk alone. You can’t live alone. And you were not born alone. So show love in every aspect. At home , at work at the gym, at the art class, everywhere be a source of love. Love is everything. I don’t mean the romantic one alone. Every form of love matters. If you need to win you should know that nobody needs to lose. Your victory is only yours and you should help others win too. That’s life all about.

You are not born to work your way up by letting others down, it’s a two way path. Help others and you will be helped. Show love towards others and you will be loved. Show respect to others and you will be respected. In the same way help others win and you will win big!

Cheers to all. Be love in everything and everywhere. Love is everything needed to live life to the fullest.

Living in the NOW!

Yesterday is long gone and tomorrow is yet to come. All you have got is right now. The minute that just passed by is never going to come back in your lifetime.

Let’s say you know you are going to die the next minute, what would you do right now,to make you happy. Think about it. Do those things more often. And help your soul smile a bit before you pass away. Don’t worry about what others would think, it’s your life after all.

Close your eyes,think of something that you wanted to do for a long time now. And do it today. And don’t regret doing it because it’s going to make you your soul happy and in the end that’s what is more important.

Love you all have blessed day ahead.

The dream!

Sitting in a meadow with lush green grass and surrounded by people laughing and giggling that’s my kind of dream. Children running around flying their kites and the dogs chasing the sheep. These would be a bonus addition. I can’t wait to make this dream come true. I want nature to be at its best all the time and I want everyone to be a positive vibe to the nature.

We already can see how nature is responding to us. Let’s be kind to it and it will be kind to us. Nobody deserves to die and nobody deserves to suffer , that includes all creatures in the universe. Hoping for a positive change once this crisis ends.

Be humble.

Whether you drive a scooter or a Bentley, whether you fly in economy class or in your private jet, you will always have to get down and step on earth and you will have to use your legs to walk on it. So stay humble and be simple. Nobody is higher than another human. All are equals.

It is all in you!

Good morning people, have you ever felt that you are of no use to anyone? Have you ever felt that you are good for nothing?

Well don’t worry, everyone walking on this planet has felt that at least once in their lifetime. You are the best version of you, and no one can replace you. So stop comparing your lives to others. Only the individual knows his or her own problems. Maybe they are envying you. So don’t ever compare. Life is too short to worry about trivial things, all that matters is how well you lived and lived and cared.

People all around you have felt that they have too much to do but they seem to have no time. Saying you don’t have time is an absurd thing because every human on this earth has only 24 hours. Every successful person have the same 24 hours. It’s about not having time but it’s all about how well you spend you time in order to get the things done. Time is worthier that money. First understand that.

Love moment by moment. You can’t experience what you are feeling now an hour later. You won’t remember it either. Spend time with your families. Spend time with your pets. Talk to strangers. Read a lot of books. Journal your thoughts. Take a walk through nature. I know it’s easy to say but adding a small amount of what I ve told into your days will affect immensely how you are going to feel about yourself.

So have a great day today and make sure you make one person smile today and make them feel good about themselves.

Love you all. Take care and be safe.

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